It seems like every other day, I see an Instagram or a Facebook post about another old school mate or colleague being pregnant. I guess I’m now at that age where everyone is just starting to have babies. Though its not my time yet, considering, I’ve only been married a year, I love celebrating this new chapter in a friends life (that and I really love babies).

I haven’t been to many but I know that the baby shower is usually a grand affair. I mean, there’s the presents, the games, and my favorite part, the food. Just recently, I attended a baby shower for my good friend, Krystin, and found myself struggle on deciding what to wear. After a bit of closet dishevelment, I came up with today’s look and a few tips that you can use for when you don’t what to wear to a baby shower.

What to wear to a baby shower

The first tip on choosing what to wear to a baby shower is, choose  something you fell comfortable in. You want to be able to socialize, play games and eat without constriction so choosing something the is a looser fit is ideal.

What to wear to a baby shower

My second tip is, unless there is a particular color scheme/theme, pastels and light hues are perfect for a baby shower. My baby pink sweater was the perfect color to celebrate Krystin‘s baby girl, Harper.

What to wear to a baby shower

H&M Top
Zara Choker (Similar here)
H&M Skirt (currently on sale)
Miista Booties (love these)

My last tip on choosing what to wear to a baby shower is, have fun with you look. Whether its pattern mixing or playing with proportions (like I did in my look), it’s important to have fun with your look, after all, it is a party. All of these tips can be used if you’re a guest, like I was, or the mommy-to-be herself.

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