Sample Sales

Sample Sales

There are certain perks to being a New Yorker that make the loud streets and herds of tourist well worth it.  Cabs whenever you need them, sushi at 2 AM and 1000’s of different restaurants to choose from on every block, all definitely make the top ten list. But the best and most important, to this fashionista anyway, are the sample sales.

New York and Company Dress
Vintage belt (similar here )
Brother Vellies 


If you’re new to the game or live under a rock , let me give you a short background story on what a sample sale really is. Sample sales are a way for designers to get rid of some of the merchandise that didn’t sell in a particular season. Some of the pieces may have slight irregularities or the retailer may have made t0o many in a particular size or style. In any case, sample sales are a great way to get some of the designer pieces that may have been out of your budget, for a fraction of the price.

Just two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend one such sample sale from one of my favorite designer’s right now, Brother Vellies. Not only do they make incredible chic shoes, all of their pieces are made in Africa and are creating and sustaining artisanal jobs within Africa. Another reason to love this brand, is their amazing creator/designer Aurora James. Not only is she fly as hell, (go on, see for yourself on her instagram), she seems like she is the nicest person in the world #bffinmyhead.

I arrived to the sample sale, about 20 minute before the doors open and, to my surprise, found a line of only about 10 people. My feeling of surprise became a feeling of pure relief, when the line of ten + one, became a line of forty in the 20 minute time frame before the sale started. When the doors opened, the first group including myself, were allowed in to check out the pieces. I knew what styles I’d come for and was determine to walk away with a least one pair of shoes I really wanted.

After a short moment of disappointment because I thought I wouldn’t find one of the pairs I wanted in my size, I lucked up, during a stock replenishment and found this pair, that I had been coveting for so long. These babies are all mine at a quarter of the original price.

In the short time that we’ve been together, my new babies and I have gone on a few adventures and they have been so kind to my feet. Being the showstoppers they are, they truly add a another layer of chicness to any outfit, including today’s look.


Check out more of my favorite Brother Vellies styles below.