Non-boring Black

Non-boring Black

I know what you’re thinking, I’m thinking it too. “Another black top and jean outfit”. Yea, it’s another black top and jean look but I’d be damned if it isn’t a non-boring black look.

I have been so consumed lately with all that’s happening in the world (and my country) and lots of work stuff that, I’ll be honest, my creativity juices  have been running a bit dry. Lately, when it comes to curating looks, I’ve been leaning more towards looks that are easy and fairly simplistic. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that simple is not really my M.O. I’m really trying to do better and with Fashion Week just around the corner I’m sure those creative juices will start flowing again. Soon, I’ll be right back to my cinched waist, print mixing, colorful self. In the mean time, you’ll have to settle for this attempt at me making this look be non-boring.

Stockings, fishnet in particular, have been having a moment recently, and I for one am not mad. I love that fishnets have shed their once scandalous street walker vibe and are now being embraced by your favorite fashionistas. The resurgence of the acceptability to wear tights, has my inner 17 year old freshman in college self, jumping for joy. I was the queen of fashionable stockings and tights in college and with quite the collection, I’ll be the queen once more.

The peek of my lacy stockings, aren’t the only contributing factor to my outfits  non-boringness (yes that is a made up word). This gothic-style vintage coat I got in Paris in September adds a certain, flair, to the look as well. Do you see those velvet details on the cuffs, lapel and back? Yea, pretty awesome right? Sort of reminds me of the hideous matching velvet dresses my cousin and I were forced to wear as children, but in a good way. haha. (I have pics btw, but my cousin would kill me if I shared).

So, we have fun fishnet stockings, we have a cool vintage coat and the icing on the cake would be my favorite Alexander Wang boots. Seriously, these boots are the sartorial equivalent of Franks Red hot sauce, “I put these sh*ts on everything” and they just work.
Non-boring black look Non-boring black look Non-boring black look Non-boring black look Non-boring black look

Vintage Coat (similar)
H&M Turtle neck
Old Navy Jeans
Forever 21 Stockings (seriously sexy and on sale ones)
H&M bag (this one’s on Sale)
Alexander Wang Boots (I want to adds these to the collection )
Michael Kors Watch
Guess Sunglasses
Color pop lip color
H&M Earrings (love these rose gold ones)