Crop Top and Track Pants

Crop Top and Track Pants

Believe it or not, yours truly is not a stranger to a track pants. I did track and field in high school (shout out to all of my discus and shot-put people) and wore them all of the time to meets. Even before high school, being a 90’s kid, I wore tons of track pants and track suit. My history with the track pants runs deep but all that aside, I am really loving the updated chic track pants at the moment.

track pants track pant track pants track pants track pants Track pants

track pants

H&M Crop Top
Zara Track Pants (similar here)
Vintage coat (Love this and this )
Sophia Webster Heels
Zara Belt Bag (love this one)

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think track pants in the cold frigid weather would work, but if my High school track and field days taught me anything, I knew I could just layer them with tights or leggings. As far as the  ‘wearing a crop top in 20 degree weather thing’? Well, that was just dumb and should honestly be left to the professionals (Shiona Turini) or saved for warmer temps. Just know that I love you guy and a lot of blood sweat and tears (be they frozen) go into taking blog pictures in the with.

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